Black-naped Oriole taking nectar from Firmiana malayana flowers

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Firmiana malayana or Mata Lembu tree.

“Two weekends ago, I came across a tall flowering Bullock’s Eyes tree (Firmiana malayana), or Mata Lembu in Malay, at Telok Blangah Hill with a Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis) nectaring on its tubular flowers for many minutes.

Yellow-naped Oriole taking nectar from the flowers.

“Black-naped Orioles have a varied diet of not only insects and fruits, but they have also been documented to take nectar from the flowers of the Coral Tree and Bottlebrush Tree.

Another of Yellow-naped Oriole taking nectar from the flowers.

“So here’s adding another tree it is attracted to, for the flowers. I attach some images for reference.”

Firmiana malayana flowers.

Lena Chow
16th April 2019

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