Common Wolf Snake in school vending machine

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“As Singapore continues to urbanise, our precious wildlife is trying hard to adapt to the continuing decline of our natural habitat. This has resulted in an increase in wildlife encounters in urban setting. It is crucial that we develop the right mindset towards the handling of such encounters.

“The need to coexist peacefully with the natural environment becomes an important matter.

“On 8th April, a Common Wolf Snake (Lycodon capucinus) was found in the vending machine when the delivery man came to replenish the drinks in the machine (below).

Dharshan (Class 4-P), Yu Yang (Class 4-M), and Rabiatul (Class 4-O) reported the matter to Ms Jenzy Lzx and myself.

“No untrained personnel should attempt to handle a snake, whether venomous or not. In the event of mishandling, any mishap will really give these harmless reptiles a bad name.

“Snakes are harmless, unless we create a situation where they feel in danger and in need to defend themselves.

“As Ms Lye has attended the wildlife rescue training conducted by Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), she could identify it as a non-venomous snake that is common in Singapore (above).

“The snake was subsequently relocated to another location in our school safely (below). Another wildlife rescue handled internally.

“The Common Wolf Snake is quite a harmless snake, although it will not hesitate to give a bite when disturbed and if it feels it is in danger.

“Well, being a cold-blooded reptile, it could have made its way into the vending machine to escape the coldness at night and stayed on during the day due to its nocturnal behaviour.

“Keep Calm, Slowly Move Away, Give Them Room To Escape and They Will Leave Us Alone.

“Let’s learn to coexist with the wildlife in our midst.”

Jacob Tan Guanrui
Senior Teacher (Biology)
Commonwealth Secondary School
12th March 2019

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