Spider Wasp

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“This is a solitary wasp found throughout the world. It specialises in hunting spiders and usually removes their legs. Zoom in on the image above and note that the spider’s legs had been removed already,” wrote Janice Ang who spotted this Spider Wasp (Pompilidae) on the wall at Dairy Farm Nature Park in March 2019

The wasp first stings its victim a few times to paralyse it before dragging it into a burrow where a single egg is laid on its abdomen LINK. The burrow is then filled with the surrounding soil. Once the egg hatches, the larva will feed on the tissues of the still-living spider. The larva soon turns into a pupa, to eventually emerge as a wasp. It then digs itself up the soil-filled burrow to feed on flower nectar and leaves of its food plants.

Janice Ang
3rd April 2019

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