Nesting of Olive-backed Sunbird on floor ball goal post netting

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“On 25th February, a pair of Olive-backed Sunbirds (Cinnyris jugularis) was spotted building a nest on the netting of the floor ball goal post outside the school hall. Thank you Ms Bao Ya and Mu Fan from Class 4-M who reported the sighting to me.

“On 27th February, we noticed the progress of the nest building. Mr Yusman and I put in place a few tables to help keep a comfortable distance from the goal post. We wanted to see if the sunbirds would continue to construct the nest.

“All teachers were informed that the tables and hall shutter gate surrounding this nesting area should not be moved.

“Over the weekend after cordoning off the area, the pair of Olive-backed Sunbirds had been busying constructing their nest with much progress.

“One week after the first sighting of the nest, on 4th March, the nest was more or less completed.

“A short video taken this morning during morning assembly (below).

“Once again, I would like to thank Ms Bao Ya and Mu Fan from Class 4-M who reported the sighting to me last Monday. Also a BIG THANK YOU to Mr Vilau, HOD CCA//PE for agreeing to this protection to be exercised and being on the same page on the conservation works we are doing in our school.”

Jacob Tan Guanrui
Senior Teacher (Biology)
Commonwealth Secondary School
7th March 2019

Photo Credit: Ms Bao Yao

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