Adult Eurasian Tree-sparrows feeding a fledgling

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Recently fledged chick with prominent white oral flange – arrowed.

A pair of adult Eurasian Tree-sparrows (Passer montanus), together with a trailing fledgling, attracted my attention by latter’s soft begging cries. The fledgling must have just left the nest as the pair of white oral flanges is still conspicuous.

Adult flying off after feeding fledgling

Oral flanges are the pair of fleshy white swellings lining the oral cavity. These are seen when the chick is hatched and remains for some time after fledging – see HERE.

The fledgling moved around the branches of a shrub begging to be fed. The adults were foraging for grass seeds on the ground below (below). They take turns flying the short distance up to feed the fledgling.

Adult foraging grass seeds.

YC Wee
26th September 2018

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