Call of the Mangrove Pittas

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There were three Mangrove Pittas (Pitta megarhyncha), possibly more, at Jalan Wat Siam in Pulau Ubin, Singapore on 3rd February 2019. The video below documents it call, interpreted by Robson (2008) as a “slurred and hurried wieuw-wieuw.”

This call in the second video similarly sounds like wieuw-wieuw. However, there is a reply to the call from afar.

Erritzoe (2003) reports the Mangrove Pitta’s calls as follows: “Loud and clear hhwa-hwa or wieuw-wieuw or tu-will c. 1 second long, first note rising, second more even, repeated at intervals of c 4 seconds, apparently also given loudly from the nest; alarm skyeew or keew“.

An earlier post of a Mangrove Pitta calling can be heard HERE.

Art Toh
4th February 2019

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2. Robson, C., 2008. A field guide to the birds of South-east Asia. New Holland, London. 544 pp.

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