Insects visiting Bush Grape (Cayratia mollissima) flowers

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Because of the presence of a colony of Dwarf Honey Bees (Apis andreniformi) in the Golden Penda tree (Xanthostemon chrysanthus) nearby, my Bush Grape flowers (Cayratia mollissima) are visited daily by numerous Dwarf Honey Bees mainly for the nectar.

Flower and flower buds.

Flying among the many smaller Dwarf Honey Bees are a few larger Common Honey Bees (also known as Asian Hive Bees) (Apis cerana). The latter’s hind legs are conspicuous with the pollen baskets packed tight with yellow pollen grains – video below. Most probably the pollen came from other flowers nearby as these flowers produce limited pollen.

The Stingless Bee (Trigona sp.) are seen once in a while collecting pollen from the flowers – see video below.

In addition, there are a few slender wasps (as yet unidentified) collecting nectar – video below.

YC Wee
26th December 2018

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