Pacific Gull eating a dead cuttlefish

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Video grab.

This large and heavily billed black and white Pacific Gull (Larus pacificus) has a loud call when alarmed – honking oww, oww muffled with auk, auk auk. It is solitary and found mainly in coastal areas.

Video grab.

This gull feeds on fish and squids, sea urchins, crabs, molluscs and bird eggs and their chicks. Hard shelled prey are dropped from a height before and the soft parts picked and eaten.

Video grab.

This particular gull was seen pecking on a dead cuttlefish at Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia in November 2017 – see video below.

Teo Lee Wei & K
19th December 2018

  1. hamesha

    The Gull has expended so much energy on pecking the fish, hardly getting anything down its throat ! I wonder it does not grip it with a paw while it pecks ?

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