Begging behaviour of a newly fledged Javan Myna

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All chicks after fledging need to be taught by the adults on how to forage for food, to avoid potential predators, etc. before they can live independent lives. During this period you can hear the juveniles’ characteristic loud cries begging the adults to feed them.

video grab

I was recently alerted to the presence of a newly fledged Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus) in my garden by its unusual loud and sharp cries. It was with two adults foraging for food (see video below).

I assumed it was newly fledged by its behaviour. As usual, it followed the adults. Every now and then it stood on the same spot for a few seconds begging loudly with its wings hanging down besides its body. The wings fluttered lightly, moving only slightly from the sides of the body outwards. The adults would move on and the juvenile would then chase after them, to again stand still begging and lightly fluttering its wings – see an earlier post HERE.

A juvenile during the latter part of its fledging behaves differently when following the adult and begging, see HERE.

YC Wee
!3th June 2018

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