New Zealand Fur Seal at Goolwa Barrage, Australia

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New Zealand Fur Seal frolicking in the water – video grab.

The Goolwa Barrage is located near the top end of the Coorong National Park, a little over two hours drive from Adelaide. The barrage is built across the water between South Australia’s mainland and Hindmarsh Island to maintain the freshness of the River Murray.

A New Zealand Fur Seal with a fish it just caught – video grab,

The video below was documented at the Goolwa Barrage in October 2016.

A lone fur seal had caught a fish and was trying to eat it when a few sea gulls flew in trying to rob it of its fish. It dived into the water as it was unable to fend off the attack…

Sea gull trying to rob fish from New Zealand Fur Seal – video grab.

Teo Lee Wei & K
17th December 2018

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