Nesting of Spotted Doves outside school hall

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“It’s a SUCCESS!! Two young Spotted Dove (Geopelia striata) have hatched outside the school hall on 12 October and flew off from the nest safely on 27 October.

“A short video of the nesting period is given below.

“The Spotted Dove is a small, long-tailed pigeon. This shy dove has a white-spotted black collar patch in the neck. It is commonly seen on the ground of light forests and gardens in urban areas, where it forages for seeds, grains and fallen fruits. Its call will sound like “Krookruk-krukroo… kroo kroo kroo”. It is often found roaming in our parade square while lessons are going on in the classrooms, and flies off with an explosive flutter when disturbed.

“If you see any animal that is sick/injured, in distress, or require wildlife protection, take a clear picture of the animal and report the sighting to the General Office immediately. Ms Lye Zhen Xi and myself will be informed and will respond to the case as we are trained as wildlife rescue volunteers with ACRES.

“I urge everyone of us to keep our school environment clean and free from litter, so that our eco-habitats can be enjoyable for both staff and students, and a safe haven for the wildlife that either visit or reside here.

“Here’s a piece of good news for our school. We managed to protect a nesting site outside our school hall.
A pair of fledglings of the Spotted Dove hatched from the eggs and eventually took off from the nest.

“Let’s make our school a safe haven for wildlife!”

Jacob Tan Guanrui
Senior Teacher (Biology)
Commonwealth Secondary School
2nd November 2018

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