Changeable Hawk-eagle taking a shower

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“We expected rain but didn’t expect such a heavy rain when we decided to come to Thailand during the month of August. Well, I guess it was just blessing from the sky. We got to witness some rare sightings in Huai Kha Kheang Wildlife Sanctuary!

“We spotted this Changeable Hawk-eagle (Spizaetus cirrhatus) just as the rain started to pour from the sky. The bird looks stunned too and it was definitely not the good time to hunt for food.

“After few short flights, the eagle decided to embrace the rain.

“Instead of wasting energy looking for food in the heavy storm, the eagle spread her wings in the rain.

“The eagle was taking a shower with the rain water.

“The eagle spread her wings to the max and let the rain water washed every inch of her feathers.

“The eagle spread her wings for more than 10 minutes until the rain subsided.

“The eagle totally enjoyed the rain!

“Looked so fresh after the shower. After preening, the eagle was ready to take off…”

Samson Tan
29th August 2018

Note: This was first posted HERE on 25th August 2018.


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