Fighting pair of House Crows

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Extremely noisy fights between small groups of Javan Mynas (Acridotheres javanicus) are common in Singapore LINK. On the other hand, fights between House Crows (Corvus splendens) are rare. Whereas Javan Myna is one of the most common birds here, House Crow is less often seen nowadays, mostly because they are routinely culled LINK.

In India on the other hand, House Crows are more common. And fights between pairs, especially when locked in by their powerful legs, is a sight to behold. In many cases there would be many others cheering the pair on with their loud caws.

Shyam Ghate’s image of a pair of House Crows locked in a one-to-one fight shows the aggressive nature of these birds. In fact crows are one of the most aggressive birds around.

This is what Shyam has to say: “Recorded this fight between two House Crow, watched by another fifty odd crows sitting on the curbs on either side of the road (not in the frame) cawing raucously all the time. The crow on top had blocked the beak and eyes of the one below with one of its feet while with the other it had pinned one leg of the other. It was then aggressively pecking at the belly of the helpless lower crow. While a few crows later joined the fight (mostly in favour of the upper crow), the rest watched excitedly from their vantage perches. The lower one was probably an intruder, because after it was finally released, it flew away chased by the flock.”

Shyam Ghate
Mumbai, India
12th July 2018

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