Getting down to earth…

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“There are birds that are used to high living. You usually only see them near the tops of trees. But it would appear that on bread-and-butter issues they can really get down to earth.

“My neighbour has a Chiku (also known as Sapodilla, Manikara zapota) whose branches overhang my garden.

“On my own side of the fence is a Noni (Morinda citrifolia).

“Both these trees attract birds, which usually stay up where the fruits are.

“But on gut issues, even high-living birds are prepared to be practical, and will get down to the ground where food is concerned.

Female Asian Koel picking at a fallen Noni fruit.

“A female Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopaceus) picking at a fallen Noni fruit.

A male Pink-necked Green-pigeon eating a Chiku that had rolled into my back porch.

“A male Pink-necked Green-pigeon (Treron vernans) eating a Chiku that had rolled into my back porch.”

Lee Chiu San
30th July 2018

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