Pink-necked Green-pigeons: Pre-roost gathering in the rain and after

An earlier post document the pre-roost behaviour of Pink-necked Green-pigeons (Treron vernans) on top of a large tree LINK.

video grab

I took it for granted that they would not gather when it rains. Well, I was wrong. The rain was not that heavy and it got lighter with time. Then it came in a drizzle. Looking from a distance, I saw a few green-pigeons perching on the end of branches of this tall tree in one of my neighbour’s garden. They were sitting still, soaking in the rain drops.

When the rain stopped the initial few green-pigeons started to preen. They were soon joined by others that flew in and out in a sort of social get together – frolicking, a little of courting and some aggression.

YC Wee
13th March 2018

  1. Lee Chiu San

    It is known among aviculturalists that most pigeons and doves will not bathe in standing water. That is, they do not splash in puddles, shallow dishes or conventional bird baths.
    But it has often been observed in outdoor aviaries that they will refresh themselves by soaking in the rain and rubbing themselves against wet surfaces such as leaves.

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