A pair of Pink-necked Green-pigeons on a wet evening

March 4th 2018 was a relatively hot day. The evening was cooled by intermittent showers. As soon as the shower became a light drizzle, birds appear to perch on the branches of wayside trees fronting my house.

That evening, I noticed a pair of Pink-necked Green-pigeons (Treron vernans) flying in to perch on a branch. The site was semi open and the pair was not completely shaded from the drizzle. In fact they were there to soak in the drizzle.

The pair of green-pigeons sat close together, at times they moving around the branch.

When the rain returned, heavier than before, the green-pigeons remained on the branch until the rain stopped. They were on the branch for two whole hours until the male flew off, to return a few minutes later. Then they were disturbed by the appearance of other green-pigeons.

YC Wee
4th March 2018

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