Blue-throated Bee-eaters mobbing monitor lizard

Recently a large Malayan Water Monitor (Varanus salvator) trespassed into an area in Punggol where a group of Blue-throated Bee-eaters (Merops viridis) were nesting.

This triggered more than 10 bee-eaters mobbing the lizard.

The attack was so fast and furious that this second largest lizard in the world ran away, chased by the tiny bee-eaters.

Indeed it was an amazing experience to witness the collective effort of the birds attacking the lizard continuously until the latter left the area.

After all, the lizard posed a danger to the eggs and/or birdlings that may be in the nests, not to mention the adult birds themselves.

It truly shows the Greatness and Power of Parental Love.

Dick Tan
23rd May 2018

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3 Responses

  1. Nice observation Dick. Just a slight correction….2nd largest lizard in the world as the Komodo Dragon is the largest.


  2. Thanks Subaraj, amended.

  3. Lee Chiu San

    This is a wonderful record of an unusual incident.


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