Roosting Red-breasted Parakeets

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“After many months, I finally had the opportunity to take a shot of the night roosting Red-breasted Parakeet (Psittacula alexandri) this evening.

“It had been raining earlier, and I was home in Yishun central at about 7pm, and heard the parakeets in commotion outside my 5th floor window.

“I think there were about less than a dozen birds and they were squawking about amongst the branches and moving about. It was getting dark and I grabbed my camera and managed to take a few hurried shots of one bird on a branch looking at me, before it moved away from sight amongst the leaves.

“The birds got quiet after about 5 minutes. The tree they were roosting in is a Sea Apple (Syzygium grande).”

Francis Lim
16th May 2018


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