The day a Spotted Wood Owl chick fell…

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Fallen Spotted Wood Owl chick.

On the afternoon of 23rd March 2018, a rescue operation was undertaken by nature photographers, NParks and *Acres to rescue a Spotted Wood Owl (Strix seloputo) chick that fell from its nest (above). The adults nested on a Bird’s Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus) growing in the fork of a tree in a local park. The fern, as its name implies, is a ready-made “nest” that is often used by owls as a nest – LINK 1; LINK 2.

Other birds also make use of this ready-made nest LINK 1; LINK 2.

ACRES to the rescue – climbing up to replace the fallen chick.

Owls normally nest in tree cavities or hollow tree stumps LINK but such nesting cavities are in high demand and not always available. After all, trees with cavities or tree stumps are a danger to the public and invariably removed. So cavity nesters find a ready-made nest a convenient nesting sites. Unfortunately for this owlet, it fell from the nest, maybe because the fern fronds had wide gaps between the fronds.

Replacing the fallen chick back into the nest.

Roland Yip witnessed the fall and a BICA member phoned Acres till help arrived. It was a good thing there were many bird photographers around. They remained at the site to see that no harm came to the fallen owlet.

The fallen chick safely back into the nest.

The rescuers had their ladder and one of them climbed up to return the owlet back to the nest. Acres and all the bird photographers are to be commended for a job well done.

Jeremiah Loei
24th March 2018

*Acres = Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Singapore)

This post is a cooperative effort between Birds, Insects N Creatures Of Asia and BESG to bring the study of birds and their behaviour through photography and videography to a wider audience.


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