Malayan Colugo at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

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video grab
video grab

Lee Li Er‘s two videos on the Malayan Colugo (Cynocephalus variegatus), also known as Flying Lemur, were documented at the Hindhede Nature Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. This was “the first time my husband and I encountered such an active (acrobatic!) colugo and an ‘ang moh’ one at that” wrote Li Er, referring to the rufous-coloured animal, a male, shown in the video below.

The female colugo is seen as greyish (video below). The video shows it slowly and clumsily climbing up the trunk of a huge tree with the help of its small but sharp claws. At one point it can be seen licking on the tree bark, possibly feeding on the lichens growing on the surface.

The colugo can be seen grooming its gliding membrane. The long tongue was also seen cleaning the face area. It moves as well as glide with its baby clinging on to its belly.

Lee Li Er
6th February 2018

Lim, Norman, 2007. Colugo: The flying lemur of South-east Asia. Draco Publishing & Distribution Pte Ltd and National University of Singapore. 80 pp.

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