© Post-natal moult in Blue-winged Pitta- A sequential photo record

PLATE 1 DSCN1741 1stBatch 3rd week Sharpie

“Over a 100days period (29June- 06Oct) in 2017, a total of 51 visits were made to monitor migratory Blue-winged Pitta (Pitta moluccensis) on mainland Penang, Peninsular Malaysia.

PLATE 2 DSCN3459 2Batch end 3rd wk Poculars

PLATE 3 DSCN5656 4thBatch begin 5th wk BornFree

“Successful fledglings from 4 different batches were observed during those field days covering an area approx. 11/2 sq. km. It became my designated location in Blue-winged Pitta’s monitoring for northern P. Malaysia.

PLATE 4 DSCN5800 5thwk Born Free

PLATE 5 DSCN5793 5th wk Born free

PLATE 6 DSCN5832 5th wk BornFree

“Thankfully, I had exclusive use of the area with no disturbances of any kind of beings/predators to compromise the many challenging observations encountered with these elusive birds.

PLATE 7 DSCN3884 4th wk JSparrow

PLATE 8 DSCN3940 4th wk JSparrow

PLATE 9 4th wk DSCN3981 JSparrow

“In addition to putting on record and proving that fledglings do stay hidden around until they grow out their post natal moult, some took extended summer vacations.

PLATE 10 DSCN 2275 Sharpied 1st Batch 4th wk

PLATE 11 DSCN2362 Sharpie end 4th week Sharpie

PLATE 12 DSCN4086 4th wk JSparrow

“Very few images of juveniles in moult are available in field guide books or on-line websites.

PLATE 13 DSCN4037 4th wk JSparrow

PLATE 14 DSCN4579 4th wk JSparrow

PLATE 15 DSCN4929 5th Wk JSparrow

“Here are some photographic records to show progress of post natal moult from fledgling to juvenile age to reading audience.

PLATE 16 DSCN5126 6th wk JSparrow

PLATE 17 DSCN5041 6th wk JSparrow

PLATE 18 DSCN5074 6th week JSparrow

“Not necessary in strict sequential moult order but at best I could, for selected images comprise of several fledgling-juvenile species of different batches taken in 2017 migration season.

PLATE 19 DSCN5220 6th week JSparrow

PLATE 20 DSCN5632 6th wk JSparrow

“Note: Any person/s intending to reference, quote/use any of these images is/are kindly expected to provide the credits under normal courtesy usage.
I do apologise, in the best of birds’ welfare and promising results achieved monitoring in solo, exact breeding locations will not be provided.”

PLATE 21 DSCN6022 7th wk JSparrow

PLATE 22 DSCN6442 start 9th wk

Avian Writer Daisy O’Neill
Penang Malaysia
22ND November 2018

Copyright article and all copy images – Courtesy of Daisy O’Neill Bird Conservation Fund

Note: Mail communication with Dr David Wells – a veteran ornithologist exponent cum author of ‘The Birds of the Thai-Malay Peninsula’, intrigued by my findings, suggested I could have solved a long standing mystery with post migratory Blue-winged Pittas (Pitta moluccensis) in P. Malaysia.


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