BESG 2017: The year in review

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At the stroke of midnight that ended the year 2017, the visitor statistics of the BESG website showed a total of 14,861,352 visits. This translates to 3,671,276 visits for the year under review.

Visitor distribution
Visitor distribution

We managed to maintain our previous record of at least a post a day. Of these, birds made up 81%, non-avian fauna 9%, plants 4% and general conservation 6% of the postings.

Our total number of posts since 2005 stands at more than 5,100, making this website an invaluable archive on bird behaviour.

During the year under review, we completed the updating of the 2013 Plant-Bird Relationship that now lists nearly 400 species of plants that are made used of by birds for food, nesting materials, nesting sites, etc. LINK.

Although most of the posts came from Singapore, we have a substantial number from nearby Malaysia, mainly Ipoh and Penang.

Further afield, we have contributors from Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Australia, United Kingdom and Netherlands.

Through travels by our two regular contributors from Malaysia: Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS from Ipoh and Daisy O’Neill from Penang, we have exposure to bird behaviour in Nepal and Taiwan respectively.

We continued to tap the photographic expertise of citizen scientists from Facebook: Birds, Insects N Creatures Of Asia (BICA). Interesting posts from this source include Crested Goshawk fledgling; Pied Hornbill catching a bat; drama of a pair of sunbirds and bulbuls nesting on the same tree; bee-eater flying with an egg; monitor battles snake; painted bronzeback eating a frog; and unusual rictal bristles of Pied Fantail. A few of the above can be considered BICA moments.

In conclusion, we thank the following contributors, without whom we would not be able to indulge in a post a day as has been our tradition all along. We apologise if anyone has been left out, in which case please inform us and we will rectify the omission:

Agrawal Saurabh; Amar-Singh HSS; Ang Asher; Anon C; Asteraceya Cyren; Chan Kumchun; Chan Wah; Chen Philip; Cheng Raymond; Cheong Robert; Chia Basil, Chong Robert; Chong Soonseng; Chong Steven; Chow Lena; Chrystal; Chua Tony; Chuen Kiong Chng; Deepak; Finlay Marcel; GaoJian LiuJia; Goessel Heather; Khoo MeiLin; Han Nicole; Hieronimi Wolfgang; Ho Helena; Hsu Laura; Hua Chong Institution; Huang Mei; Hun Kwan; Jansen Henrietta; Kalsi Karen; Khng Eu Meng; Khor Michael; Kuah Jonathan; Lai Jack; Lai Y Yan; Lee Jeremy; Lee Chiu San; Leong Tzi Ming; Leow Samantha; Lian Yee Ming; Licong Zhang; Lim Alice; Lim Norman; Lim-Teagle Lynette; Loei Jeremiah; Loida; Loke Peng Fai; Manfred; Ng Angie; Ng Neo; Ng Ted; Ngiam Shih Tung; Muang Muang; O’Neill Daisy; Ong Bw; Ong Jackie; Ong Syn; Pang Jerome; Pilania Neelu; Queddeng Dani M; Raft Judy; Ravishankar Lakshmi; Sant Avinash; Sim Chip Chye; Struyck Steven; Subaraj Rajathurai; Sun Chong Hong; Tan Chloe; Tan Dick; Tan Fred; Tan Eng Boo; Tan Guanrui Jacob; Tan Jasmine; Tann James; Taxon Expeditions; Teo Guttensohn Teresa; Teo Rebecca; Thasan Suba; Thong Chow Ngian; Toh Philip; “Trust Mind”; Tsang KC; Yeo Peng Hock Henry; Wang Isabelle; Wang Luan Keng; Wee Johnny; Wee YC; Xayyasith Santi and Lai Y Yan.

YC Wee
1st January 2018

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