Two Javan Mynas bullying another

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MynaJ-fight [KCTsang]

KC Tsang encountered a pair of Javan Mynas (Acridotheres javanicus) bullying another at Pasit Ris Park on 20th October 2017. It was a fierce fight, accompanied by loud cries and screams.

MynaJ-fight [KCTsang]

“Bullying or attacks on another myna whether it is an outsider intruding into the territory of another or for whatever reason can be quite brutal in the context of the myna environment.

MynaJ-fight [KCTsang]

“As in my photo documentation of the event, one can see how two mynas holding down the victim while the other continues pecking it.

MynaJ-fight [KCTsang]

“Two of them viciously pecking the other on the victim head, and chest.

MynaJ-fight [KCTsang]

“While a little later one of the myna clamped on the legs of the victim preventing it from escaping while the other myna was free to continue its pecking attacks (above).”

Javan Mynas are quarrelsome birds. Often they fight amidst loud noises as can be experienced in Sun Chong Hong’s video clip above.

KC Tsang
1st December 2017

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