Con, the Monitor Lizard

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MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 1

“On 30th October 2017, students from the Drama Club noticed the part of the limbs and tail of a lizard sticking out of the air-con condenser behind the After School Engagement (ASE) Room.

MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 2

“I rushed to the incident site after receiving an image via WhatsApp from one of my students, Thineshan from Class 3-9. I went to get gloves and a screw driver from Design Space and ran back to the site.

MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 3
MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 4

“Together with the help from the students, we unscrewed the metal grill covering the propeller to retrieve the carcass.

MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 5
MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 6
MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 7
MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 8

“Upon closer observation, we concluded that it was a juvenile Monitor Lizard that probably went in during the evening to enjoy the warmth within, but couldn’t get out in time when the condenser was switched on in the morning and might have been desiccated by the hot air. We named it Con, the Monitor Lizard, to remember how it died.

MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 9
MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 10
MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 11
MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 12
MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 13

Now, the carcass of Con, the Monitor Lizard, has joined the other specimens to be part of the CWSS Biodiversity Museum collections. It will be part of the display during our school Open House next Saturday, at the ALP/Environmental Education booth.

RIP, Con.

MonitorLizard [JacobTan] 14

Jacob Tan Guanrui
Senior Teacher (Biology)
Commonwealth Secondary School
1st November 2017

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