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Birding Highlights of Taiwan 2017 series

Plate 1 DSCN1624

“In a quiet, Yunlin County village of Taiwan ROC., accumulation of stagnant rainwater in a disused drain, clogged by decayed foliages and fallen leaves of deciduous trees, sprouted a mixed growth of vegetation and algae.

Plate 2 DSCN1669

“Such providence by nature resulted in small flocks of Scaly-breasted Munias (Lonchura punctulata) a.k.a. Nutmeg Mannikins not only to bathe and to drink from, but also fed on the nutritious vegetation provided (top, above).

Plate 3 DSCN1649

“On closer observation, it was noted aquatic plants especially weeds underwater appeared to be of much interest to this estrildidae family (above, below).

Plate 4 DSCN1650

“One bird dunked its head into this shallow pond…

Plate 5 PDVD_000

“…and pulled out what appeared to be, long and green stems of an aquatic weed species [maybe algae like Spirogyra?] (above, below).

Plate 6 DSCN1662

“Video recordings were made to observe the foraging food habit of Scaly-breasted Munia also known by other names such as Spice Munia, Spice Finch, Nutmeg Finch, Spotted Mannikin, Spotted Munia, Rice Bird and Scaly-breasted Mannikin feeding on aquatic weeds.

Plate 7 DSCN0632

“Composite clipping from video is shown above.

Plate 8 PDVD_005

“Mid-morning snacks were slurped whole (above).

“Welcome to Huben Village… Linnei Township of Yunlin County, Taiwan ROC.”

Avian Writer Daisy O’Neill
Penang Malaysia
20th September 2017

Copyright article and all copy Images – Courtesy of Daisy O’Neill Bird Conservation Fund

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