Return of the Whiskered myotis

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An earlier post documented a Whiskered Myotis Bat (Myotis muricola) roosting inside the rolled-up central leaf of my banana plant (Musa “Pisang Raja”).

Since then I have been keeping an eye of newly emerged leaves before the plant gets too tall for me to monitor its presence. Today, the rolled-up leaf was too high to peep inside, so it had to be gently pulled down. There was a dark mass deep down.

WhiskeredMyotis-banana roll

I used a selfie stick with my iPhone attached and blindly did a video of the centre of the rolled leaf (top). A number of random photo shots were also made. These confirmed the presence of something dark at the base (above).

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 2.26.51 PM

Unfortunately, the rough handling of the delicate newly emerged leaf caused the lower leaf blade to split. This made the presence of the bat a little more obvious… and a photo opportunity (above). Slowly peeling off parts of the damaged lower leaf blade exposed the bat clinging on to the inner surface of the leaf (below).

WhiskeredMyotis-banana leaf

Because of the disturbance, the bat suddenly flew off. This was followed by a smaller bat taking off before I could photograph it. There were two Myotis Bats roosting inside the rolled-up central leaf, an adult and a juvenile.

YC Wee
10th September 2017


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