Juvenile White-bellied Sea-eagles attacked by crows

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SeaEagleWB-crows [SyOng] 2

Sy Ong’s images here show three crows attacking a pair of juvenile White-bellied Sea-eagles (Haliaeetus leucogaster) in flight. The latter are obviously inexperienced and made a quick retreat.

SeaEagleWB-crows [SyOng] 1

Crows are bold and aggressive birds. They often attack raptors HERE and HERE.

SeaEagleWB-crows [SyOng] 3

White-bellied Sea-eagles are regularly attacked, especially when they are in flight HERE, seldom when they are perching on a branch. Such attacks are often vicious, with the crows nipping the eagles’ wings as seen HERE. When defending their nest the crows are extra aggressive.

Sy Ong
2nd June 2017

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