Plantain Squirrel feasting on figs

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PlantainSquirrel-F. hispida [StevenChong]

Steven Chong made a most interesting observation on the different eating behaviour of the two Plantain Squirrels (Callosciurus notatus singapurensis). The squirrels were eating from this fruiting Rough-leafed Stem-fig (Ficus hispida) found growing by Bukit Drive near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (above). Angie Ng helped to identify the fig tree.

PlantainSquirrel-F. hispida [StevenChong]

One of the squirrels was peeling the skin quickly and munching away (above, below)…

…the other was upside down relishing slowly almost sipping the fig but actually nibbling very slowly, to each their own way of eating (below).

The video below shows one of the two squirrels looking for more ripe figs to eat.

Steven Chong & Angie Ng
19th May 2017

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