Javan Myna abused with quick ties

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KC Tsang’s image of a Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus) whose are legs were fastened with quick ties exposes the wickedness of the person or persons responsible. The image was taken on 28th March 2017 at Serangoon Central area.

MynaJ-quickties [KCTsang].jpg

As KC wrote: “The Javan Myna has been abused, crippled by someone evil who caught the bird and fastened two quick ties, one on each leg. Don’t know why he would do such a thing.”

‪According to Carrie Ang:‬‬ “Their feet will slowly drop off when they grow bigger … due to insufficient blood flow.‬‬”
Clarinda Yap‬‬‪ suggested that ACRES be summoned to catch the myna and remove the quick ties. However, there is no guarantee that the bird will remain around the area. But at least they will be alerted to the presence of such a bird and the “cruelty and abuse to birds such as mynas.”‬‬
KC Tsang, Carrie Ang & Clarinda Yap
3rd April 2017

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  1. wow hope karma strikes the person


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