Atlantic Puffin

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PuffinAtlantic@ FarneIsland [NeoNg]

Atlantic Puffins (Fratercula arctica) are found in the North Atlantic Ocean (above). These are stocky birds with black back and white belly. Their large and prominent bills are colourful during the breeding season and dull after as the outer colourful parts are shed.

PuffinAtlantic@ FarneIsland [NeoNg]

They spend the winter at sea, returning to land to breed in late March to early April. Once on land, they return to their old burrows. Some nest in cavities found on coastal cliffs (above).

PuffinAtlantic@ FarneIsland [NeoNg]

During this breeding period the prominent large bill becomes colourful. The male’s bill is larger, brighter and prominently ridged. Courtship involves billing and cooing, with the pair (above) touching bills (below), even gently nibbling each other’s head and neck feathers. The pair may even clatter their bills together.

PuffinAtlantic ct  [NeoNg]

A single egg is laid in the nest.

PuffinAtlantic@ FarneIsland [NeoNg].

Puffins come ashore with fish in their bills, signals the hatching of the eggs in the burrows (above). They fish in the sea, catching fish one by one and arranging them sideways along the length of the bill. Up to 20 small fish can be thus arranged (below).

PuffinAtlantic@ FarneIsland [NeoNg]

Neo Ng
Hong Kong
19th February 2017

This post is a cooperative effort between Birds, Insects N Creatures Of Asia and BESG to bring the study of birds and their behavior through photography and videography to a wider audience.

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