Hybrid Red Junglefowl from Pasir Ris

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“Trust Mind” photographed a rooster resting in a hidden corner of Pasir Ris Park recently (below).

Possible hybrid Red Junglefowl (Photo credit:'Trust Mind")
Possible hybrid Red Junglefowl (Photo credit:”Trust Mind”)

This all white rooster with red comb and wattles has a prominent white ear patch. It is possibly a hybrid Red Junglefowl (Gallus callus).

Wildlife Consultant Subaraj Rajathurai has this to say: “Possibly [a hybrid Red Junglefowl], especially with that white facial lappet. At Pasir Ris Park, the western-most extension of the wild eastern population, someone released 10 white chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) and polluted the wild population in practically in no time!.”

Male Red Junglefowl (Photo credit: Subaraj Rajathurai)
Male Red Junglefowl (Photo credit: Subaraj Rajathurai)

The images above and below were from years back, photographed by Subaraj well before hybridisation, show a normal male Red Junglefowl (above) and what is possibly an albino male, also a Red Junglefowl.

Male albina Red Junglefowl (Photo credit: Subaraj Rajathurai)
Male albino Red Junglefowl (Photo credit: Subaraj Rajathurai)

“Trust Mind” & Subaraj Rajathurai
9th February 2017

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