Buffy Fish-owl on a tightrope

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FishOwlBu-walk [JamesTann] 1

James Tann’s sequential images of the Buffy Fish-owl (Ketupa ketupu) walking a ‘tightrope’ at the Singapore Botanical Gardens poses the question of how does a big bird walk across a narrow tree limb? The answer according to James: “Like an acrobat on a tightrope, except that it uses its outstretched wings as a balance pole!”

FishOwlBu-walk [JamesTann] 2

The undersurface of this owl’s feet is covered with sharp pointed structures, adapted for holding on to the slippery fish, its main food. Such adaptation comes in useful in gripping onto the narrow branch when it goes on a “tightrope” walk.

FishOwlBu-walk [JamesTann] 3

And the pair of wide, broad, rounded wings also helps. They provide balance during the walk.

FishOwlBu-walk [JamesTann] 4

James Tann
9th February 2017

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