Luring the hornbill chick out of the nest

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OPH-bird [LianYeeMing]

Fledging is always a new experience among birds. This was so in the case of the Oriental Pied Hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris) nesting at the Singapore Botanical Gardens. The chick was reluctant to leave the comfort of its nesting cavity. The world beyond was a new experience and the chick had yet to be convinced of its flying ability. But leave it must, as the adults withheld the usual feeding.

In this instance one of the adults had a dead chick specially caught as bait. It dangled the food in front of the hungry chick until the latter reluctantly made its first flight.

Hunger did force the chick to leave the nest. And fledge it did, at 5.21pm on 3rd February 2017 – see HERE.

Lian Yee Ming
2nd February 2017

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