Judy Raft’s Olive-backed Sunbird nesting: Addendum I

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SunbirdOB-nesting [JudyRaft]

BESG received images of Judy Raft’s garden where the Olive-backed Sunbirds (Cinnyris jugularis) nested only after the posting of her account – see HERE. We present here those images as an addendum to her earlier account.

SunbirdOB-nesting [JudyRaft]

The nest of the pair of Olive-backed Sunbirds was built at the end of a tree fern (top) frond outside the bedroom French doors (above-below: close up of nest).

SunbirdOB-nesting [JudyRaft]

The house is backed onto a rainforest and the nest opening faces it (below).

SunbirdOB-nesting [JudyRaft]

The rainforest has numerous bird activities including those of butcherbirds and kookaburras.

SunbirdOB-nesting [JudyRaft]

A structure was built around the nest and fern fronds wrapped round it to give camouflage and weather protection (above).

Judy Raft
Queensland, Australia
12th January 2017

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