Red-whiskered Bulbul and Harpullia ramiflora fruits

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BulbulRW-Harpullia ramiflora [JackieOng] 1

Jackie Ong’s images of the Red-whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus) eating fruits of the Harpullia ramniflora were photographed at Singapore’s Satay by the Bay.

BulbulRW-Harpullia ramiflora [JackieOng] 2

The plant, commonly known as Cape York Tulipwood or Claudie Tulipwood, is a reasonably fast growing tree. It belongs to the family of plants known as Sapindaceae that gives us rambutan, longan, mata kuching and lychee.

BulbulRW-Harpullia ramiflora [JackieOng] 3

The flowers and fruits are borne in dense clusters along the branches. The flowers are white and fragrant but not as conspicuous as the fruits. The latter are orange-red, splitting to expose the black seeds encased in golden-yellow arils (=extra seed covering that is coloured and hairy or fleshy, like in the durian). The above image shows the bulbul with a seed covered by a golden-yellow aril.

Jackie Ong
8th January 2017

Barwick, Margaret (2004). Tropical and subtropical trees. A worldwide encyclopaedic guide. London: Thames & Hudson. 484pp.

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