BESG 2016: The year in review

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For the year 2016, we managed to maintain our record of posting one article a day. Birds remained our main focus, with 70% of postings on bird behavior.

Oriental Honey Buzzard with honeycomb (Photo credit: Chan Boon Hong)
Oriental Honey Buzzard with honeycomb (Photo credit: Chan Boon Hong)

Of these, contributor Ang Siew Siew made a most interesting documentation of a Tanimbar Corella using a “tool” to get at the flesh of a coconut – see HERE and HERE. Incidentally, these posts came as a result of cooperation between BESG and Birds, Insects N Creatures Of Asia or BICA.

The remaining 30% were on insects, mainly butterflies, moths and dragonflies. Also included were plants, an important aspect of the ecosystem. Such postings increased from 20% in 2014 to 22% in 2015 LINK and 30% for 2016.

Common Flangetail (Photo credit: Dr Leong Tzi Ming)
Common Flangetail (Photo credit: Dr Leong Tzi Ming)

A major reason for diversifying into other aspects of the ecosystem is to broaden our knowledge of nature rather than remain confined to one narrow aspect, birds. Knowing birds but absolutely nothing about other animal groups and the habitats is short sighted.

Cayratia mollissima the Bush Grape (Photo credit: YC Wee)
Cayratia mollissima the Bush Grape (Photo credit: YC Wee)

Birds as well as other animals are closely associated with plants. They shelter and rest among the plants. They seek out the flowers for nectar and the fruits for food. They also collect plants parts (leaves, twigs…) to construct their nests. The need to make an effort to identify these plants is obvious.

I have seen many members of nature groups dealing in birds moved away after a few years to seek new challenges in insects. Experienced birdwatchers like KC Tsang and Lena Chow are only two such examples.

During the year under review we joined up with Foo Jit Leang and his group, nature@Seletar Country Club whose interest is butterflies and moths. Since then we have highlighted some of their activities, like HERE, HERE and HERE.

We take this opportunity to extend our thanks to the following contributors, without whom we would not be able to indulge in a post a day as has been our tradition all along:

Agrawal Saurabh; Amar-Singh HSS; Ang Janice; Ang Siew Siew; Anon E; Chan Boon Hong; Chan KC; Chan Kumchun; Chan Melinda; Cheng Mei Ling Mrs; Cheong Loong Fah; Chew Freddy; Chow Lena; Chua Tony; D’Rozario Vilma; Devasahayam S; Foo Jit Leang; Foo Tze Fen Veronica; Fur David; Geno-Oehlers Harry; Goh Karen; Hall Ade; Heng Elsie; Hio John; Ho Jean; Hun Kwan; Hwang Mei; K; Khew Sin Khoon; Khng Eu Meng; Khor Michael; Koh Richard; Kotto Suthagar; Kuek Janice; Kwong Wai Chong; Lau Amber; Lau Sheng; Lee Chiu San; Lee Li Er; Leong Tzi Ming; Lian Yee Ming; Liang Thomas; Lim Francis; Lim Kelvin PK; Lim Richard; Loei Jeremiah; Loida; Loke Peng Fai; Lorina; Lwee Sunny; Maniam Danaraj; Naoroji Rishad; Neo Tiang Pee; Ng Bee Choo; O’Neill Daisy; Ong Jackie; Ong Methodius; Paneendra BA; Pang Jerome; Paul Nikhil; Peeters Hans; Sam Luce; Seah Bernard; Sng Lilian; Strange Morten; Struyck Steven; Subaraj Rajathurai; Sun Chong Hong; Tan Adrian; Tan Alvin; Tan Beng Kwang Victor; Tan Gim Cheong; Tan Kok Kheng; Tan Marianne; Tan Samson; Tan Tze Siong; Tang Tsair Ching; Tann James; Teo Guttensohn Teresa; Teo Lee Wei; Thong Chow Ngian; Toe Wei Pin; Tsang KC; Vaidya Abhijit; Wang Luan Keng; Weckherlin Chung Wah; Wee Johnny; Wee YC; Wee, Karyne; White Richard; Wong Sam; Woo Jia Wei; Wuensche Arne; Yair Pia; Yang Dai; Yeo Amelia; Yeo Seng Beng.

And finally, we wish to remember Jacqueline Lau for her contribution in setting up the blog way back in 2005 as well as her generosity in hosting it. Sometime during the year we ran into technical problems that were finally solved by Dr Ang Yuchen and his team, with the full support of Prof Peter Ng Kee Lin, Director of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. Our gratitude to them all.

Visitor map: 1st Dec 2016 to 1st Jan 2017
Visitor map: 1st Dec 2016 to 1st Jan 2017

Note: Total number of visitors since the time we started blogging in 2005 to midnight 31st December 2016 is 11,190,076.

YC Wee
31st December 2016

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