Brown Boobok casting pellet

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BoobobBr-pellet [JeremiahLoei]

Jeremiah Loei documented a Brown Boobok (Ninox scutulata), also known as a Brown Hawk-owl, casting a pellet.

BoobobBr-pellet [JeremiahLoei]

The images are screen grabs showing the owl at various postures before the pellet emerged from its mouth.

BoobobBr-pellet [JeremiahLoei]

On the video below, the pellet can be seen at 0:17 sec.

His earlier video of a Spotted Wood-owl (Strix seloputo) casting a pellet can be viewed HERE.

It would be interesting if these pellets can be collected and the bones that are found within examined. This may not be easy to do, especially if the pellets end up among vegetation.

This LINK has an image of 86 bone and teeth fragments that include a skull, all from a rodent, swallowed most probably by a Common Barn Owl (Tyto alba).

Jeremiah Loei
9th November 2016

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