Save MacRitchie Forest: 22. Unseen Undergrowth

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UnseenUndergrowth [KwanHun]

The first of the series on Save MacRitchie Forest was posted on 31st May 2013 when the Land Transport Authority proposed running a rail line through the MacRitchie forest which is part of the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Since then there were a total of 21 posts, the last one being posted on 15th February 2014 showcasing the various aspects of flora and fauna found in this more than 150 years old forest.

UnseenUndergrowth [KwanHun]

It is now more than three years since and a final decision has yet to be made. There is still time to persuade government to reroute the rail line. And with this in mind Kwan Hun and Teresa Teo Guttensohn have produced an excellent video in collaboration with Cicada Tree Eco-Place.

UnseenUndergrowth [KwanHun]

This video highlights the secrets of this forest’s undergrowth that many people are totally unaware of.

Teresa Teo Guttensohn & Kwan Hun
21st November 2016

Please go to this LINK to save our remaining rainforest.

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