Parasa lepida, the Blue-striped Nettle Grub: 4. Movement

BSNettleGrub-movement [wyc]

The Blue-striped Nettle Grub (Parasa lepida, Family: Limacodidae) is also called Slug Caterpillar because of the way it moves.

BSNettleGrub-movement [wyc]

Instead of prolegs it has a broad, black adhesive sole. The grub sticks to the surface by vacuum, pressing the sides of the belly down and raising the centre (Barlow, 1982). Movement is slug-like.

View the video below…

YC Wee
18th October 2016

Barlow, H.S. (1982). An introduction to the moths of South East Asia, Malayan Nature Society, Kuala Lumpur. 305pp.


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