Olive-backed Sunbird taking nectar from Musa ornata

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There are a few ornamental banana plants that have been introduced since we got involved in the greening of Singapore. Unlike the usual banana plants, these are slender and short, with colourful inflorescence bracts.

Musa ornata [wyc]

Our records show that spiderhunters are attracted to the flowers HERE and HERE. We have a spiderhunter visiting this plant but no sunbirds – see LINK.

SunbirdOB-Musa ornata fl [wyc] 2

The male Olive-backed Sunbird (Nectarinia jugularis) feeding on the nectar of this ornamental banana in my garden would be our first record – see video below.

I have been growing this banana plant for a few years now. It needs heavy fertilisation, as is typical of banana plants. The small patch of plants have proliferated and been flowering for months now. I did some clearing of old plants and pruning of old leaves leaving patch less cluttered. That was how I noticed the visit of this male sunbird. Unfortunately the view fail to show the flowers.

YC Wee
14th October 2016

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