Bat proofing my house porch

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Following the success of discouraging the Common Fruit Bats (Cynopterus brachyotis) from roosting by hanging a bag of fresh red chillies nearby: HERE and HERE, Dr Jean Ho decided to do the same in her porch.

These bats had been soiling the floor of her porch as well as her parked car with their droppings and bits and pieces of fruits for some time.

Bat-proof [JeanHo] 1

She had four red chilies placed at different locations in her porch. To hang the chillies high up the porch, she had pullies fixed (above, below). This would allow for her to regularly replace the chillies once they dried up and become ineffective.

Bat-proof [JeanHo] 3

In one location she had a chilly taped to the wooden beam (below).

Bat-proof [JeanHo] 2

The chillies seemed to have worked and the walkway to the front door and the car were free of bat droppings (below)!

Bat-proof [JeanHo] 4

There were no bat droppings for three nights now!

Dr Jean Ho
22nd September 2016

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  1. Kimosabe

    Congratulations YC! You seem to have found the solution to the problem. Knowing well that in biology there is the subject of adaptation (for survival), there may someday appear a subspecies of the Common Fruit Bats that love chillis….. Then what? Ha ha!! Don’t worry Dr Wee, I’m just pulling your legs!
    Well, the possibility is there……isn’t it?

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