The wingless female Orgyia sp. moth

1 30 Aug - Feeding on Andira inermis [JaniceAng]

“On 30th August 2016, we spotted the Tussock moth caterpillar at Pasir Ris Park feeding on Andira inermis and it was the first time that we spotted one with yellow tussocks (above, below).

2 Yellow Tussock [JaniceAng]

“We reared it and in the morning of 3rd September it started to pupate (below)…

3 - 3 Sep 7am Start pupating-2.jpg [JaniceAng]

“…finishing the task by early afternoon (below).

4 - 3 Sep 2pm - Pupating completed-2.jpg [JaniceAng]5 Pupa [JaniceAng]

“On 6th September a white furry specimen appeared in the container (below). We were puzzled as the pupation was very short (only 3 days – when normally pupation is about 7 to 10 days).

6 6  Sept 1pm [JaniceAng]

“And we noticed movements of the fully formed legs and body parts (below, also videos).

9 - Orgyia sp. [JaniceAng]

“On 7th September Craig Williams informed us that it is a flightless female Orgyia sp. Close up of the face and head of the adult wingless female are shown below.

10 Closeup head [JaniceAng]11 Closeup face [JaniceAng]

“We placed her in the open (below with scale in inches).

12 size [JaniceAng]

“…hoping that a male would come to mate her. Unfortunately it did not happened.”

Foo Jit Leang & Janice Ang
Nature@Seletar Country Club
9th September 2016

Note: Videos and images by Janice Ang.

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