Tanimbar Corellas on a TV aerial

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CorellaT-TV aerial [MichaelKhor] 2

“Why are the Tanimbar Cprellas (Cacatua goffini) hanging around an old TV antenna? Initially, I thought they were having ‘teething’ problem as they seemed to be nibbling parts of the antenna.

CorellaT-TV aerial [MichaelKhor] 3

“On closer inspection they were very selective. They were not interested in the aluminium parts but the rusty iron parts of the antenna mast and the connecting screws of the aerial! Could rust be a mineral they require – iron supplements?”

Aviculturist Lee Chiu San has this to say: “They are doing what parrots always do. Anything new or unusual is first tested with the beak, and if it gives way, it will be chewed. If it will not give way, they lose interest.”

Michael Khor (images/video) & Lee Chiu San (second opinion)
27th August 2016

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