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BESG 10million visits 050916 0830h

I am not sure whether anyone noticed that the overall visits to the Bird Ecology Study Group website clocked 10 million on 4th September 2016 – 10,001,044 to be exact (left).

Yes, we had more than 10 million visitors visiting the BESG website since we first set up the site in 2005. Visitors came from 69 countries from all over the world. The image below shows the visitor map for the month of August 2016, with 18,512 visits for that month.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.31.34 AM

The top number of visitors, as always, came from Singapore, followed by the United States.

We have so far posted 4,600 plus illustrated articles mainly on bird behavior, during our more than a decade of existence. On average we have been posting once a day.

Obviously there is a demand for information on bird behavior, as the success of our site shows. And credit of course goes to our contributors, many of who have been contributing since we first started. We also thank the many visitors from all over the world who contributed to the 10 million success. Thank you all!

YC Wee
5th September 2016


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  1. Congrats YC! Thank you for all the hard work and dedication you put into this site! Long live BESG!

  2. Am not the only one. Many others helped…

  3. Congrats Prof! You have achieved the improbable through sheer dedication and commitment. I am positive that most of us could not have done what you did to make the BESG Blog a massive success and a major resource for students worldwide.

    Thank you!

  4. I couldn’t do this without you and everybody else… You directly and hhc & co indirectly. HaHa.

  5. Howard Banwell

    Many congratulations to YC and all those directly involved in the management of the site. And to the many regular and occasional contributors, without whom there wouldn’t be ten millions visits. What a fantastic resource for everyone with an interest in birds.

  6. Congrats, YC! Your BESG site has been very much the inspiration for me to continue blogging on mine for the past 7 years. Do keep at it! The birding (and nature) world will be much poorer for it, without BESG. 🙂

  7. Congratulations YC: I knew you will make it with or without NSS. My believe is simple: “Knowledge when is shared is not lost!” Keep trucking Dr Wee!

  8. Thanks Howard, Q and Kim – and for the support, without which we would not be where we are today.

  9. Congrats to BESG on reaching yet another milestone.
    This is a fantastic site for knowledge on birds and nature. Glad to have visited since many years back.

  10. As one of the stalwart contributors from years back, you have made this possible. Thank you very much, Kwong.

  11. Astounding achievement, Yeow Chin! Hats off to you – the international spread of your clusters is truly impressive! Warmest wishes from Perth.

  12. Good to hear from you, Ilsa. And thank for being a supporter all these years.

  13. Lee Chiu San

    YC, This won’t have been possible without you at the helm.

  14. …as well as people like Chiu San who provided support. Thanks CS.


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