Malayan Water Monitor visits condominium pool

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“Attached are 3 photos one of my neighbours took of a Malayan Water Monitor (Varanus salvator) that came into our condominium premises in the early afternoon of 27th July 2016.

“The lizard was spotted checking out our water feature (a shallow fountain-like pool) and actually wading in it! [Question: Could the chlorine be harmful to the lizard?]

MalayanWaterMonitor [Lorina] 1MalayanWaterMonitor [Lorina] 2

“Our condo also has an eco-pond, with small fish like guppies and tetras inside. The lizard was spotted around the pond area as well. It didn’t eat or attack any of the fish in the pond though. (Probably too small for its taste?)

MalayanWaterMonitor [Lorina] 3

“It also rested for a while on the footpath inside our condo, presumably sunbathing, as the sun was just nice earlier – not too hot.

“It should be added that our condo is just beside Sungei Api-Api, a canal that leads straight to Pasir Ris beach. We are also directly opposite the Pasir Ris mangroves.”

Lorina & Amelia Yeo
27th July 2016

Text by Amelia, images by Lorina

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  1. Leong Tzi Ming

    You are indeed privileged to be living so close to Nature at Pasir Ris. It is wonderful to regard these ancient lizards as a free ranging ‘pet’, rather than a pest. May you continue to have many other close encounters with these and other wildlife in your neighbourhood. : )

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