Red-crowned Barbets enjoy Green Coffee fruits for more than a month

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BarbetRC-Canthium glabrum [ThongChowNgian] 1

“On 1st June 2016, I went to Upper Seletar reservoir, Track 7 to observe Red-crowned Barbets (Megalaima rafflesii) feeding on the solitary Canthium glabrum or Green Coffee tree which was approximately about 5 meters tall.

BarbetRC-Canthium glabrum [ThongChowNgian] 2

“This tree had an abundant supply of fruits (top) that hung down like clusters of grapes. The birds would easily slice the fruits with their powerful beaks and feed on the greenish flesh (above). I also observed a bird tossing the fruit and swallowing it (below) which I assumed it had already removed the angular seed that looks like an arrow-head.

BarbetRC-Canthium glabrum [ThongChowNgian] 3

“I went to this place several times and my last visit was on 6 Jul 16 which was more than a month after my first visit. By this time, the amount of fruits have been greatly reduced (below) which I reckoned would last for another 4 days. I was surprised that the fruits of the Canthium glabrum (Green Coffee) tree could last for more than a month.”

BarbetRC-Canthium glabrum [ThongChowNgian] 4

Thong Chow Ngian
19th July 2016

Note: Thanks to Boo Chih Min and Prof Jean WH Yong as well as Robert Teo Chee Hin for help in the identification of the plant.

This post is a cooperative effort between Birds, Insects N Creatures Of Asia and BESG to bring the study of birds and their behavior through photography and videography to a wider audience.

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  1. Tsang Kwok Choong

    Aaaah !!! a new type of coffee to drink, besides the other two …. Nice !!!

  2. Lee Chiu San

    Glad to see more of the Red Crowned Barbets. Among the jungle barbets they appear to be more resilient, and more capable of living in closer proximity to human habitation. They are also known not to be at all fussy about food, and are easily maintained in aviculture.

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