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Buffy Fish Owl - Wet Chick

“The month of April 2016 was uncomfortably warm for most of us, including the chick of a Buffy Fish-owl (Ketupa ketupu). While monitoring this chick on 27th April, the sky gradually darkened in the afternoon and as the first raindrops descended, the change in weather was welcomed with open wings (above), as it spelt relief from the oppressive heat.

Buffy Fish Owl - Wet Chick

“However, the chick’s initial enthusiasm was soon washed away, as the downpour increased in volume and intensity. There was nothing else the chick could do, except to continue sitting, sulking and soaking in the rain (above). Despite the temporary ‘discomfort’ of getting drenched, it was a golden opportunity to quench its thirst.

Buffy Fish Owl - Wet Chick

“Eventually, the sky began to clear up as the storm clouds were relieved of their load. In order to dry off, it swung itself vigorously from side to side, just as a dog would after its bath (above).

“Video clips of this owl chick (from the moment it started getting wet, till when the rain subsided) may be previewed here:”

Dr. Leong Tzi Ming
16th July 2016

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