Noisy Javan Mynas

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Javan Mynas, sbg 0306

For a few mornings in July 2016 I was interrupted during my breakfast by the loud and sharp cries of Javan Mynas (Acridotheres javanicus) quarreling in my back neighbour’s compound. The birds were flying to and fro between the slender palms, chasing each other. Most times they ended on the ground, out of my sight. The noise they generated was loud and sharp, lasting a few seconds to a minute or so – see video below.

Javan Mynas are indeed quarrelsome. They often indulge in noisy altercation, ending in the winners subduing the losers as shown HERE and HERE.

YC Wee
14th July 2016

4 Responses

  1. Am

    I just realised in the first photo that there is a common myna among the flock of Javan mynas. Do the 2 types of mynas mingle, or do they exclusively only group among themselves? Also, if a common myna tried to intrude on a flock of Javan mynas, would it be chased away or accepted? Any idea? Very curious.

  2. YC Wee

    From my observations they may mix but not in a big way. Photographers, even birdwatchers, should be encouraged to observe this phenomenon…

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