Plantain Squirrel mobbed


A Plantain Squirrel, also known as Red-bellied Squirrel (Callosciurus notatus), was resting on the stem of a slender palm, head facing down (left – image not from this encounter). It was making its loud characteristic call that sounded like short bursts of machine gun fire. And every time the call was made, the tail was raised.

Was it a territorial or an alarm call when danger lurks? – as seen when there is a Reticulated Python around?

The call alarmed the few birds around until the squirrel was mobbed by a an angry bird. Only then did the squirrel scamper away.

YC Wee
12TH July 2016

  1. Karyne Wee

    I have observed such behaviour before, but it’s usually with at least a couple or three squirrels together. I guess that it may be some sort of territorial or courtship behaviour?

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