Baiting the Common Palm Civet at Bidadari

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“I read with interest the article on BESG about the mum and baby civet roosting in a tree hole at the old Bidadari.

“I then learnt that the civets had been baited with a banana at the bottom edge of the photo (left). I don’t know who placed the banana there but the video was posted on Facebook.

“I understand that photographers baited pittas with meal worms and now I see that the civets seem to have been baited with banana. I also heard that the civets left the site after all the attention from the photographers. I feel great concern that this is happening.

“My informant said that some photographers were well behaved, packed up when dusk fell and did not use flash photography. In fact I don’t think anyone used flash. Our concern was there was baiting in order to get a better photo and too much attention probably leading to the civets leaving the site.

“While baiting wildlife is still controversial, nature enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to enjoy nature without human interference. In the long run this would benefit all of us.”

Dr Vilma D’Rozario
11th May 2016

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